In this page you can find links to many builds of Titan Quest Anniversary edition. These builds are made as examples of what can be done in this game and they can also guide new players to understand the basics (and advanced mechanics) of the game. You can also find game guides for Titan Quest in text/picture form many of which will also provide a link to watch the guides in video form should you prefer it that way!

 To use this page just click on the names or pictures of the builds/guides and they will open up a new page on your browser so that you can have at the same time this page up along with the page of the build you clicked on. 

 In the post of each one of the builds you will see pictures of the main items each build uses and of the stats that come from the combination of items. Skills of each build are not active so that you can see exactly what you gain from the items alone in the pictures. 

There is also a link to each post, when you click the link it will open up another page on your browser and will take you to the official YouTube channel of this website where you can watch a base build guide video for more details about the builds! Those builds that have build update videos will also have links of the update videos in their posts. Enjoy!

Titan Quest Game Guides




10 Single Mastery Builds

*For these 10 builds my primary goal was to get as high main resistances as possible.

Earth Mastery                                                     Defense Mastery                                                 Dream Mastery

Hunting Mastery                                                  Nature Mastery                                                  Rogue Mastery    

Runes Mastery                              Spirit  Mastery                         Storm Mastery                            Warfare Mastery




  1. Hi, what mods do you use for titan quest?

    1. I see your health and mana bar appear different to mine, so I was just wondering. Thanks!

    2. Titan Quest Anniversary edition allows you to change the UI and make it look like i have it! Anniversary edition is a very improved version compared to the old Immortal Throne!