Friday 23 July 2021

Titan Quest Universe - 11 Mastery Guides

 In this section of the website we will have a Mastery guide for each one of the 10 Masteries of the game, Runes Mastery from Ragnarok dlc and extra Level 40 skills of Atlantis dlc included. The guides will come in due time so make sure to check back often for updates. 

A detail to remember is that all of these guides will be in both text form and video form. Each one will provide a link to a video for those who would like to watch a video guide instead of reading a text. Finally, a few masteries already exist in the form of videos as i made those years ago and here you will find them also in text form but keep in mind that in their text form, a couple of mistakes made by me in those videos  have been corrected and they also include the skills from Atlantis that do not exist in those videos. Finally, if you like my efforts to provide the best Titan Quest content ever, make sure to share the website and let people know about it. Thanks for being here!

Click on the icon of each mastery to read it. The guides are coming! (Those who have * next to their names are not yet done)

NEIDAN Mastery

Master Neidan, the art of internal and external alchemy. Using a combination of deadly concoctions and abilities that make use of inner energies, Neidan masters are a force to be reckoned with.


DREAM Mastery              

Drawing power from the dream world, the Seer uses sheer force of will to dominate the battlefield. The arcane workings of the psyche, time, and reality itself are all playthings for those who have mastered the secrets of the mind.

ROGUE Mastery          

The Rogue is unmatched at dealing rapid damage to single opponents or wearing them down with poison and bleeding. Reliant of hit-and-run tactics, the Rogue is less well suited for handling hordes of enemies and employs traps and trickery to avoid being overwhelmed.


SPIRIT Mastery   

The Theurgist combines offense and defense with insidious life stealing skills that leech enemies' vitality while bolstering their own.At higher levels the ability to summon a powerful Liche King dramatically increases damage-dealing ability.

NATURE Mastery

The Wanderer can call on denizens of the forest to deal damage and shield them from enemies. Healing and defensive auras allow allies to survive longer and fight more effectively.







The Defender specializes in surviving battles but offers less in the way of offensive enchancements. Many skills focus on utilizing the shield to deflect attacks and disable enemies.






EARTH Mastery

Adept at raining down destruction over large hordes of enemies. With most skills designed to deal damage, the Pyromancer relies on a colossal Earth Elemental to hold the attention of enemies.






HUNTING Mastery              

Master of bow and spear combat. Piercing attacks penetrate enemy armor and high level bow skills will tear through large groups of enemies. The Hunter must rely on speed and range to stay out of the reach of enemies.





STORM Mastery              

Excels at dealing massive lightning and cold damage to single opponents or small groups. The Stormcaller has limited personal defenses but can slow, freeze, and stun enemies with frost and thunder attacks.

WARFARE Mastery                                   

The Warrior excels at dealing out physical damage but pays little heed to defense. With higher mastery levels the Warrior can learn to deal damage to several adversaries at once.

RUNES Mastery                                 

The warrior-shamans of the North inscribe their weapons and armor with magical runes, or cast them on the ground to control the battlefield. Drawing power from the ecstasy of combat, they are both proficient in melee and able to unleash magical fury.

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