Monday 16 January 2023

Titan Quest Anniversary - 3 Secret Passages Game Guide

This guide also exists in video, if you'd like to watch it please CLICK ME!

One of the endgame activities is the secret passages that we gain access to, by finding or creating some key items or just by finding the secret portal in the case of the 3rd secret passage. 

These passages came to the game first with the Immortal Throne expansion back in 2007 and later with Ragnarok and Eternal Embers dlcs. To gain access to the dungeon of Hades act, all you need is the base game Titan Quest Anniversary edition or even the old Immortal Throne version before Anniversary.
But to gain access to the secret passage of The North act, you will need to install Rangarok dlc and for the one of The East act, you will need to install Eternal Embers dlc.

These secret areas are mostly funny dungeons where you get to fight against the developers of the game, there have been different developers making different dlcs, so there are plenty of different ones to fight against! These developers come in the form of bosses or hero enemies and usually they do not drop any loot. There are a couple of Steam achievements though to unlock for defeating some of the developers.

This doesn't mean though that you don't get any loot from these dungeons. In the end of the dungeon, you will always find at least one chest containing different loot including many easter egg items that come in the form of set items and are made mostly for fun. So, if you enjoy collecting easter egg items that can also be used to actually play the game with, then you have every reason to visit and farm these dungeons! In the case of Eternal Embers dlc's dungeon though, there are more chests to open up and some enemies drop loot as well, also the dungeon itself feels like a minigame that is made out of portals, so there is more replayability to that one.


The entrance to this dungeon lies next to the rebirth fountain of the beach of Rhodes. You will find a gate there which is locked by a quest. To unlock it and go through, you will need to farm for a quest item but there is no actual quest in your quest log so don't look for something there. The item which we will call "key", drops only from the final boss of Hades act, it has a low chance to drop from the boss and this is why you will need to farm for the key. Remember that the key doesn't drop from the orb of the boss, it drops out of the orb. The good thing is that you only need to find the key once and keep it in your inventory, the key is not a consumable item and it will not disappear after you've unlocked the door. Also, if you decide to go in the dungeon with another character of yours, you simply put the key in the Transfer Area of the stash and take it with the other character. One key is the same for all 3 difficulty levels too, so you don't need to re-farm it if you want to visit the dungeon in other difficulty levels. The same Easter Egg items can drop from all 3 secret passages.


The entrance to this dungeon is hidden in the Deep Forest of Ragnarok dlc's act. It is not easy to find it as you'll have to go through some forest trees. This is locked too and you will need to use another "key" item to go through. This time, there is a hidden side quest you need to run if you want to get this key for this dungeon. We have already made a video guide about this dungeon and how to unlock it so you should click this link if you'd like to find out how to do it! All the things that we have said about the chest and the key of Rhodes dungeon, apply to this one as well, the key is not a consumable item... 


For this one you will need to find a portal which is (again) hidden, it lies in the Infested Bog area close to the end of The East act. There is no key required to unlock this dungeon with, you use the portal to go in and then you select other portals to go through the floors of the dungeon. If you find the right order of portals, they will lead you to the final map of the dungeon where you will fight against myself (Mr.Fae) and the developers of Eternal Embers!!! For more details of this dungeon, you can watch the dungeon guide video by clicking on this link! 

 There are 2 of the toughest bosses in the whole game in these dungeons, one is called Toxeus which you can find in the Secret Passage of Hades act and the other is called ToxeuAnubis which you can find in the Secret Passage of Eternal Embers act. Both bosses are very tough and they utilize the types of damage that can easily destroy players' characters, these are Damage Reflection mechanic and Damage Retaliation. I was going to include tips to help you defeat the 2 bosses but then i thought that this is an experience that you should first enjoy without knowing what is coming to you, which of course would lead to your character's demise. If you are playing a hardcore character, just stay away from these bosses. (a guide of ToxeuAnubis boss is on this link if you are so curious about it)!

To check out each and every single item that can drop from the big chests of the 3 Secret Passages of Titan Quest, click on the links below:

- RHODES Secret Passage

- RAGNAROK Secret Passage

- ETERNAL EMBERS Secret Passage

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