Wednesday 25 August 2021

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition - Character Levels per Act, guide for Beginners!

 Some times new players are wondering if the level of their characters is high enough to defeat certain bosses or go through certain areas. This reference guide shows exactly what level your character will be at specific areas under these specific conditions: a) if you kill all enemies that you see before you, b) if you explore the whole map (the fog of war on the minimap helps to understand how much of an area you have explored), c) if you complete all side quests excluding none! 

Under these conditions, the level of your characters will be exactly as you see below, some times you may reach +1 level or -1 depending on specific circumstances such as: finding and using items that provide increased experience for +1 or meeting fewer Hero enemies and avoiding devices that would provide experience points after you destroyed them, for -1. 

My personal most important advice to new players is always (and will never change) to explore the full map, kill everything that you see and complete 100% of side quests. This is great not only for getting experience points and leveling up as much as possible but also for finding more gold and items which means also increasing the chances for you to get some very good rare or even unique items as you go through the game.

This doesn't mean though that if your character has a lower level it won't be able to go through places, players who know the game can do many things, but for new players following this guide is the best way to proceed.

Finally, it doesn't really matter whether you complete Atlantis act before Hades/Ragnarok or after, as the number and types of enemies of Atlantis don't get affected by the order you complete the acts, so choose freely where you want to go next.

Normal difficulty
(what level your character should be if you explore and kill everything, it could also be at +1 or -1 level)

1. Level 13 at Delphi
2. Level 18 at Rhakotis
3. Level 23 at Giza waypoint
4. Level 27 at Hanging Gardens of Act 3.
5. Level 29 at Great Wall waypoint.
6. Level 33 when reaching Olympus act 4.
7. Level 35 when reaching Styx waypoint.
8. Level 40 when finishing HADES act all side quests included.
8. Level 42 at the end of Atlantis act.
9. Level 45 when reaching Village of Kaupengr.
10. Level 48 when defeating the final Boss Surtr and completing Normal difficulty.

Epic Difficulty
- Epic starts at Level 48.

1. Level 50 when reaching Act 2 Rhakotis. (gained 2 levels in Act 1)
2. Level 54 when reaching Act 3 Gardens of Babylon
3. Level 57 when reaching Act 4 Olympus/Hades
4. Level 59 when finishing Atlantis act before playing Hades act
5. Level 63 when finishing HADES act and reaching The North act Corinth city.
6. Level 65 when finishing All acts in Epic difficulty.

Legendary Difficulty

1. Level 65 when starting Legendary.
2. Level 67 when reaching Egypt act (Rhakotis)
3. Level 69 when reaching act 3 Gardens of Babylon
4. Level 70 when reaching act 4 Olympus
5. Level 71 when finishing Atlantis before playing HADES act
6. Level 73 when reaching Corinth Act of The North
7. Level 75 when finishing the campaing in The North act

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