Tuesday 29 June 2021

Titan Quest Universe - Guide of Mechanics and F.A.Q.

(All info in this guide comes from "The Line of Epic Heroes" YouTube channel's owner (Mr.Fae), when some info has been provided by others and included, credits will be given accordingly)

This is a guide of frequently asked questions and basic/advanced mechanics of this game. The guide is about the Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest including all dlcs and it is being compiled based on the 2.10 version of the game. It will be constantly updated with more info so what you see is not the final version, there are many informations coming in due time. Enjoy!

Section A.

No.1 Question: Life leech/Vitality damage VS Undead/Constructs

 (using the same methods here to Construct enemies we see that they are actually Immune to any Vitality/Life leech type of damage, they receive none even after heavily reducing their resistances)

 1) Can we deal Vitality damage to Undead?

Answer: Yes but we need to reduce their Vitality resistance by a huge amount.

 2) Can we deal Life leech damage to Undead?

Answer: No we can not.

There are 3 types of Life leech ingame. Attack damage converted to health is an instant Life leech type of damage, Life leech over time is the 2nd type and there is the % Reduction to enemy's health. (% Reduction to enemy's Health is not really life leech but i include it here because ingame Vitality resistance stat refers to it as life leech).

 [The Vitality resistance reduces incoming Vitality damage and %Reduction to enemy's Health. The life leach part of the description of Vitality resistance refers to % Reduction to Enemy's Health stat.
 To reduce life leech damage we need to use items/skills that provide Life leech resistance (Attack damage converted to health and Life leech over time)

* % Reduction to Enemy's Health works on Undead after we reduce their Vitality resistance.

Testing Method: With a Spellbreaker class, use the War Horn skill with its addon that deals % Reduction to enemy's Health on Undead and their health bar will not be affected. Then on Undead that have a full health bar, activate Deathchill Aura with its Necrosis addon maxed out and use again War Horn skill, now you see that their health bar gets affected and they lose health.

* Attack damage converted  to Health and Life leech over time do not work on Undead even after we reduce their Life leech resistance. 

Testing Method: Use a weapon that deals Attack damage converted to health or Life leech over time. Hit an Undead and you will see that you don't get back life when you deal damage and you also do not apply any life leech effect on them. Then activate Deathchill Aura with Necrosis skill and attack Undeads. The result will be the same, you don't convert any damage to health and you don't apply Life leech to Undead.


No.2 Question:  Does Life leech resistance from items work against %Reduction to enemy's Health attacks? 

Answer: No it does not. Vitality resistance only affects % Reduction to enemy's Health, vitality and vitality decay, while life leech resistance affects Attack damage converted to health and life leech over time. (In the character sheet, the description of Vitality resistance includes life leech but that life leech is only the % Reduction to enemy's health).


No.3 Question: Does Typhons Life leech attack get mitigated by Vitality alone?

Answer: That attack has 3 effects: 1) % Reduction to enemy's Health, 2) Instant life leech, 3) life leech over time. Vitality mitigates only the % Reduction to enemy's Health while the 2) and 3) get mitigated by items providing life leech resistance.



Section B.

No.1 Question: Mark of Ares ring – does the 10% of +physical dmg stack with spells like Distortion wave? 

Answer: Yes it does. 

Testing Method: Equip the ring and attack the dummy in Sparta with the skill Distortion Wave. The ring has 10% chance to trigger the boost which means that it is 10% chance per attack. This means that there is a chance that 1 out of 10 attacks to the dummy would trigger the boost but there is also a chance for 1 out of 20 or 30 attacks to trigger the boost. This means that the chance doesn't calculate strictly 1 out of 10 attacks as if the attacks belonged to a closed "group" of chances but 10% chance per each individual attack.


No.2 Question:  Does the burst of 10% chance of +physical damage stack if we equip 2 times the Mark of Ares ring? 

Answer: No and yes. It doesn't constantly stack but yes it can stack very rarely at random times. So, it doesn't mean that you get 20% chance of + double physical damage all the time, only randomly and rarely it happens that your attacks may get the burst triggering. The 10% chance is for one ring's effect to trigger but the chances decrease for both rings to trigger at the same attack, it is rare but it happens.

 Testing Method: Equip no items at all, go to the dummy in Sparta, equip the 2 rings of Ares and start attacking the dummy. Check the numbers when you have one ring equipped, check the numbers when you have both equipped. For this test you need patience because you will need to hit the dummy too many times for both rings to trigger their effects at the same attack.


No.3 Question:  Mark of Ares ring – does the 10% of +physical dmg stack with Might of Ares charm with 15% chance of 450 dmg? 

Answer: Yes it does. 

 Testing Method: Buy a white weapon from Normal difficulty with the lowest base damage possible. Equip a white bracers item and enchant it with the charm of Epic or Legendary tier. Attack the dummy in Sparta and check the numbers. After you equip the ring Mark of Ares and start hitting the dummy, rarely will you see the numbers of critical damage (or white numbers of damage) going up very high. This happens rarely because the ring provides only 10% chance to boost the damage and this chance needs to coincide with the 15% chance of the Ares' charm. They trigger together not that often but when they do, we see the numbers going up very high.


No.4 Question: Does Rage of Ares charm work with spells that do not use weapons directly? 

Answer: No it does not. It works only with weapon attacks and skills that use weapons to attack with (ex. Take Down, Onslaught e.t.c.)

 Testing Method: Equip no items and activate no skills. Attack the dummy in Sparta with Distortion Wave skill. Check the numbers of damage, they are always the same number. Now, equip a white bracers with the Rage of Ares attached. Attack the dummy 50 times. You will see that the damage is always the same and never gets the boost from the charm.


Section C.

No.1 Question: Can DOT stack on an attack if i have 2 weapons applying the same DOT to enemies? 

Answer: No, they do not stack on weapons. If you have 2 weapons each applying 100 poison damage over time, then when you hit with the first weapon you apply only the 100 damage of that weapon, then when you hit with the second weapon you apply the 100 damage of the 2nd weapon and just reset the timer of the DOT. 


 No.2 Question: Does DOT on a weapon stack with DOT we get from other non-weapon items?

Answer: Yes, it does stack. If you have a weapon dealing 100 poison DOT and an artifact providing 50 poison DOT, then your weapon attack will apply 150 poison DOT. The same is true for all item slots except for the 2nd weapon slot.


 No.3 Question: Do DOT attacks stack on the same enemy when we hit that enemy repeatedly?

Answer: No, DOT attacks apply DOT with the first hit and the next hits just reset the timer of the DOT, for example if you hit once an enemy with 100 poison DOT over 3 seconds and then you hit it again, you will not stack on the enemy 200 poison DOT over 6 seconds, you will only add 3 seconds to the 100 DOT. But, the 3 seconds you add will not take the duration up to 6 seconds, instead they will reset the effect and count for 3 seconds after the 2nd hit to the enemy.


No.4 Question: Improved duration stat(poison/bleeding dot): does it stack or is only the biggest number applied?

Answer: It stacks additively, it has no limit (it goes higher than 100%), it works with both melee attacks and skills that apply damage over time.

Testing Method:
-With a lvl 75 hero, we equip the legendary throwing weapon Gills of Tiamat, it provides more damage with improved duration of 54% and applies poison damage over 3 seconds.

-We go to act 5 Dark lands waypoint in the Old mine cave. 

-We attack once an enemy called Abonable Mold of Plant type with the throwing weapon.

-We apply poison damage over time and we count the duration. The duration is about 3 seconds when we play in Very Fast speed mode. 

-Next, we equip the Epic amulet Venom Heart, it provides more poison damage and about 59% improved duration. 

-Now we attack once a same enemy as before and count the duration of poison damage over time, the duration is about 5 seconds in Very Fast speed mode. 

-Now we activate the skill Envenom Weapon. This skill's level is 2/12 and it applies 34 poison damage over 3 seconds. We also put points in the Toxic Distillation skill and get it up to level 9/12. Toxic Distillation at this level provides more poison damage with +108% duration.

-After we activate this skill we attack once a same enemy as before. The attack applies poison damage over time and when we count the duration we see that it is about 9 seconds in very fast speed mode.


No.5 Question: Does DOT from skills stack on the same enemy with DOT from weapon attacks? 

Answer: Skills that use weapons to attack with, such as War Wind, yes, they do stack additively with DOT from weapons. This means that if your War Wind skill deals 100 bleeding damage over time and your weapon deals 50 bleeding over time, then when you hit the enemy with that skill, you will apply 150 damage over time with a single attack.

Skills that do not use weapons to attack with, also stack with DOT from weapons on the same enemy (the numbers of DOT of skills will not stack additively to the numbers of DOT of weapons and vice versa, they can only apply its own numbers of damage but you can have both skills' and weapons' DOTS applied simultaneously). 

Testing Method: Use the skill Conflagration at level 10/8 of Earth mastery on a small crab enemy in the beach of Rhodes in Epic difficulty and check the numbers of damage over time. Now equip a white melee weapon and enchant it with the Incarnation of Prometheus flame which provides 108-144 Burn damage over time. 

First use the Conflagration skill on a crab and one second later use the basic attack and hit it with the melee weapon. Now you will see that the numbers of burn damage can go higher than when hitting the enemy with only the Conflagration skill or with only the melee attack. To verify this, hit the enemy many times with only the skill to check the highest possible numbers of damage it can reach and do the same with only weapon attacks.


 No.6 Question: Does War Wind skill apply DOT of both weapons on an enemy if both weapons have DOT? 

Answer: This skill hits enemies first with one weapon and then with the other, each weapon's DOT stacks additively to the DOT of the skill and both hits landed by a single use of the skill, stack on the enemy. 

This means that if your A weapon has flat Bleeding damage and weapon B has Fire Burn over time, then the flat Bleeding on weapon A will stack with the flat Bleeding of War Wind and will be applied and then on the same attack the Fire Burn of weapon B will apply on the same enemy. 

If both weapons have flat Bleeding damage, they will both stack with the flat Bleeding of War Wind but they will not stack one weapon to the other, the skill will apply the Bleeding of the first weapon and when the 2nd weapon hits the same enemy then the flat Bleeding damage of the 2nd weapon will replace the flat of the first weapon IF the number of damage is higher, in this case not both flat Bleeding damage numbers will stack on the same enemy, the bigger number replaces the smaller.


 No.7 Question: Does the skill HEW apply both DOTS if both weapons have DOT on them? 

Answer: If the 2 weapons have different types of DOT (ex. poison and bleeding) then it applies both. If they have the same type (ex. poison) then it will be applied only once. This means that the DOT with the highest number of damage will be applied.

Testing Method: I have equipped 2 white weapons. I enchant both with the Legendary Saber Claw charm which provides 150 flat bleeding damage over time. When i hit a big crab enemy in the beach of Rhodes in Epic difficulty with one weapon, the bleeding damage it receives is 290. When HEW skill activates on the same enemy it still receives 290 damage which means that only one weapon applies the same DOT. 

Also in the case of this skill, the damage over time does not stack, it only counts as if only one weapon hit the enemy. (using this method to test, a few times you may see the damage over time going up to 600 when HEW triggers, this is just a bug of the game. You can also see this bug happening rarely if you attack the same enemy with a single weapon, let the damage over time number reach its maximum and then hit again with a single weapon and you will see the damage over time numbers going up to 600 too. This bug happens mostly when you have 2 weapons equipped).


Section D.

No.1 Question: Which Mastery skills are pets?

Answer: Monster Lure is Pet, Unyielding Phalanx is Guard, Ancestral Horn is Pet, Battle Standard is Pet, Dream Image is NOT a Pet, Briarward is a Pet, Circle of Power is a pet.


 No.2 Question: Which Mastery skills can not be dispelled?

Answer: Defense Mastery: Perfect Block.
(Potion of Experience: Even though it is a potion, technically it is a skill and it can not be dispelled, also it doesn't belong to any mastery)


 No.3 Question: Which Mastery skills can be dispelled?

Answer: Nature Mastery: Heart of Oak.
              Spirit Mastery: Deathchill Aura, Deathward, Spirit Ward, Soul Vortex.
              Roque Mastery: Blade Honing, Envenom Weapon.
              Hunting Mastery: Call of the Hunt, Art of the Hunt, Monster Lure, Herbal Remedy.
              Storm Mastery: Storm Nimbus, Storm Surge, Energy Shield.
              Earth Mastery: Earth Enchantment, Heat Shield, Stone Form, Ring of Flame.
              Defense Mastery: Adrenaline, Rally, Battle Awareness, Quick Recovery, Colossus Form.
              Warfare Mastery: Battle Rage, Battle Standard.
              Dream Mastery: Trance of Convalescence, Trance of Empathy, Trance of Wrath, Distortion Field.
              Runes Mastery: Sacred Rage, Energy Armor, Rune of Life.



Section E.

this section has a video of testing these mechanics, if you'd like to watch it please CLICK ME!

No.1 Question: Does Dexterity increase pierce damage after the pierce conversion happens?

Answer: No, Dexterity increases pierce damage at the same moment the pierce conversion happens and not afterwards. For example, if you convert a portion of your weapon damage to pierce and the result is 30 pierce damage and now you increase your Dexterity much more, the pierce damage will get increased but at the same moment the conversion occurs. This happens because the formula of conversion from base weapon damage to pierce also takes into account your current attribute points Strength/Dexterity.


No.2 Question: Does "% pierce damage" increase damage that comes from pierce conversion?

Answer: Yes, it does. This stat has nothing to do with the formula of pierce conversion and it increases the pierce damage after conversion has happened.

 Testing Method: Buy a white sword that has pierce ratio. Hit the dummy and check the lowest white numbers of damage. Now equip an item that provides "% pierce damage" (ex. Golden Eye of Sun Wukong legendary artifact) but doesn't provide any Dexterity points and hit the dummy again. Now you will see that the lowest white numbers of damage have been increased thanks to the "% pierce damage" stat.


No.3 Question: Does Flat Bonus damage get affected by Strength attribute or "% physical damage" stats?

Answer: No, it gets affected by nothing.

 Testing Method: First, you need to convert 100% of your weapon base damage to elemental. Select Rune mastery and Transmutation skill and if needed combine it with another item that provides conversion to Elemental (ex. Gambanteinn artifact). Now, buy 2 versions of the same weapon that has exactly the same number of weapon base damage (pierce ratio on weapons doesn't matter for this test). One version should be a white sword and the other should be yellow providing a flat number of Bonus Damage.
 Start attacking with Basic Attack (not with Rune Weapon skill) the dummy with the white weapon and check the lowest numbers. Now, equip the other weapon that has the flat Bonus Damage on. Attack with that weapon and you will see that the lowest numbers of damage have been increased. 

Be warned: there is a bug in this system of showcasing damage numbers that makes elemental damage look like critical (yellow numbers is critical normally) and it can confuse players. In this case we have converted physical damage to elemental by 100% so it is impossible to get critical damage, these numbers include elemental damage and the flat bonus damage (also purple numbers that are elemental include the flat Bonus damage because of the bug).

 Now to test if this flat Bonus damage gets affected by Strength attribute points we equip other items providing Strength points and also % physical damage. One green ring and one green shield. The ring provides Strength and Health points while the shied provides Strength points and % physical damage.

 After equipping these items we hit the dummy again. Now we can see that the lowest numbers of damage that include both elemental and the flat Bonus, remain exactly the same as before. So, flat Bonus damage doesn't get affected by anything.


No.4 Question:  Does "Weapon Base Damage becomes Elemental" stack if both equipped weapons have it on or does it work on the other weapon if only on weapon has it on? 


a) When one weapon has this stat on and the other doesn't then it also works on the one that doesn't have it on. 

b) When both weapons have it on, then each weapon uses its own stat and they do not stack with each other. 

Testing Method: 

a) Get a white thrown weapon and the legendary Blessing of the Moirae. Equip both and attack the dummy, you will see that now the white weapon deals elemental damage.

b) Get 2 copies of this legendary weapon. Equip one and attack the dummy. Check the highest numbers of damage. Then equip the 2nd weapon and attack the dummy. Check the highest numbers of damage of the first weapon only, not both. Now, check the % elemental damages that the 2nd weapon you equipped provides. Use a calculator. Do the math. (ex. if the first weapon's numbers where 1490 without having equipped the 2nd copy and after equipping the 2nd copy which provides +30% elemental damages, the numbers goes up to 1900, then do this: 1490 + 30%=1937). You will see that the highest numbers of damage from the first weapon is about 1900 which means it gets affected by the +elemental damages that the 2nd copy provides but it doesn't get stacked with the "weapon base damage becomes elemental" from the 2nd copy, had it got stacked, then the numbers of damage would go higher than 2100.


 No.5 Question: Can "Flat Reduced Resistances" stack if 2 items provide it and one item has it at a different duration value?

Answer: In 2.10 version of the game, they do stack together. I mention the version because it hasn't been cleared whether this thing happening is a bug or intended. 

Testing Method: Use the Wings of Asphodel thrown weapon that applies RR for 3 seconds. Attack a skeleton in Legendary in the beginning of the game. The damage numbers after the weapon's RR has been applied, go between 400-500. Now equip 2 rings that provide Flat RR for 4 seconds. Hit the same enemy with the same weapon and you see the numbers going up to 700-850 after RR.


No.6 Question: Can "Less damage from races of enemies" stat reduce damage we deal to ourself when those enemies have damage reflection? (races of enemies means ex. Undead, Demons e.t.c.)

Answer: Yes, it reduces damage from damage reflection.

Testing Method: Attack an enemy (ex. Undead) that has Damage Reflection on. Check how much health you lose per each attack of yours. Now equip items/trigger skills that provide "Less damage from Undead" and attack the enemy again. You see that now you lose much less health per attack. 


Section F.

No.1 Question: Does the chance to pierce ratio on Thorny Maul work with shields/weapons while dual wielding?

Answer: No, it doesn't. It's only local to the weapon.


No.2 Question: Does flat Damage on weapons (ex. Piercing) get buffed by Attributes/Skills/% to damage? (Flat Bonus Damage does not get affected by anything).

Answer: Types of Damage as flat on weapons such as Piercing, Vitality, Elemental e.t.c. do get affected by attribute points/% to damage e.t.c. Even stats that come from Affixes such as "PIERCING" prefix which provides flat Piercing damage on items, get affected by attributes and % to damage stats. (tested with a Piercing Mbuti's Advocate spear/ Deathweaver's Shield).

Testing Method: Get the Deathweaver's Shield which provides a flat amount of Pierce damage and attack the dummy with it without having any weapons equipped. Check the numbers of damage. Now increase your Dexterity attribute by a big amount and hit the dummy. You can see that the numbers of damage have been increased.


No.3 Question: Does flat damage from Mountaineer's Prefix get buffed by Strength Attribute/% physical damage?

Answer: Yes, it does get affected. The wording on this physical damage is different than the one from flat Bonus damage (15 Damage VS 15 Bonus Damage). This number of physical damage gets affected whereas the Bonus Damage doesn't.

 Testing Method: Get 100% "Weapon base damage to Elemental" conversion. Equip a white weapon and hit the dummy. Check the lowest numbers of white damage. Now equip a Mountaineer's item that provides 15 Damage. Attack the dummy and you will see that the numbers are a bit higher because they now include that 15 Damage. Now equip other items that provide lots of Strength attribute and/or % physical damage. Attack the dummy and check the lowest numbers of damage. 

You see that they have been increased because with the Strength attribute you have increased only your physical damage while your weapon deals only elemental. This means that the only source of physical damage you have is the 15 Damage from the Mountaineer's item and now it got increased by Strength or %physical damage.


No.4 Question: Spiny shell charm: is the damage buff added to base damage of shield for conversion to elemental?
Answer: No, conversion to elemental happens to the base weapon damage before any other buffs/stats apply.


No.5 Question: Spiny shell charm: does the flat damage of this charm get affected by Attributes/% to physical damage?

Answer: Yes, it does.

 Testing Method: Have 100% "Weapon base damage becomes elemental". Buy 2 copies of the same shield that do exactly the same amount of damage. Enchant one shield with this charm. Attack the dummy and check the lowest numbers of the shield without the charm. Now attack with the enchanted shield and you will see that the lowest numbers have been increased. Now, equip other items that provide only Strength attribute and/or % physical damage. Attack the dummy and you will see that the lowest numbers have been increased.


No.6 Question: Does flat pierce damage (or any other type) from components (charms, relics) get increased by attribute points and buffs to that type of damage?

Answer: Yes, when we get flat numbers of damage from components, those numbers get affected by percentages to those types of damage or by attribute points (except Flat Bonus Damage which doesn't get affected by anything).

 Testing Method: First we equip a white weapon that doesn't have % pierce ratio and enchant it with a component such as Lupine Claw. This component provides flat piercing damage. Now we attack the dummy and see the lowest numbers of damage we deal, these numbers include both physical and pierce.
 Now, we equip some items that increase our Dexterity attribute by 400 points and attack the dummy again. We can see that the numbers of damage have been increased. If now we equip another item that provides some % pierce damage, we can see that the lowest numbers of damage go even higher.



Section G.

No.1 Question: Do Ternion Attacks' 3 projectiles stack on the same enemy if it applies DOT?

Answer: Yes, they stack. 

Testing Method: Use the weapon Troll's Brach. Go to The North act and attack with the skill Ternion Attack a bear in such a way that only one projectile will hit the bear. Check the damage over time number on the bear. Now attack again but in such a way that all 3 projectiles will hit the bear at a single attack. Now the damage over time numbers become 3 times higher. 

ATTENTION: It has been retested by Psixi (a Titan Quest community member) on other enemies and it looks like it doesn't stack, more testing needs to be done to verify!


No.2 Question: Does Phantom Strike use both weapons' (damage/shield) effects or just one's?

Answer: No, it uses only the weapon on the right hand, shield/weapon stats from the left hand do not affect it.

Testing Method: Dual wield a white and a yellow (at least) weapon that aplies damage over time or instant fire damage. Equip the white weapon on right hand and attack an enemy with Phantom Strike. You will see that the damage over time e.t.c. you've got on your left hand weapon doesn't trigger on the enemy that gets hit by the skill.


No.3 Question: Does Volativity from Earth work with skills such as Lethal Strike e.t.c.?

Answer: Yes it does. 

Testing Method: Take a white weapon that deals physical damage and attack the dummy without having any points in Volativity. Check the numbers. Now max out Volativity and repeat. You can see that now sometimes you get higher numbers than before. The same method works on Calculated Strike too.


No.4 Question: Do "Volley" skill's 3 projectiles need to hit enemies for Psionic Touch to count as 3 hits instead of one?

Answer: Yes, all 3 projectiles need to hit a target to count as 3 charges.

Testing Method: Equip on a Haruspex a bow or thrown weapon and attack the dummy of Sparta from a distance. Count the charges as you attack and you will see that sometimes when Volley triggers an arrow will not hit the dummy so Psionic Touch will not trigger the effect. It is important to keep a distance from the dummy so that you can actually see the arrows that won't hit it.


No.5 Question: Does Psionic Touch trigger "Runeword: Explode" from Rune Mastery?

Answer: Yes, it does. Both Psionic Touch from Dream Mastery and from Orion's Mace legendary club weapon do trigger the Runeword: Explode skill. It should be clarified that it does only when the attacks charge up the skill but not when the skill triggers. The skill triggers every 4th hit, at this 4th hit the Runeword: Explode can not be activated.


No.6 Question: Does Reckless Offense skill of Runes mastery trigger at the same time when other passive skills from Dual Wield skill tree of Warfare mastery trigger?

Answer: No, it doesn't trigger. All these passive skills have a chance to be triggered per attack so when one triggers, the others don't. The skills with the highest chance to trigger, will work more often than other passive offensive ones per each one attack of yours. All these passive skills can be used on the same build but each one will trigger on its own, not with others at the same time. The same applies to Runeword: Explode skill of Runes mastery too, it can not be triggered when one of the above triggers as it has its own animation.


 Section H.

No.1 Question: Does reduction to resistances of enemies, increase critical hit chances and critical damage?

Answer: No and yes, reducing Physical or Pierce resistances will not increase the chance to deal critical hits but it will help increase critical damage. The chance to deal critical hits is calculated by comparing the Defensive ability of enemies to the offensive ability of players' characters. Reducing resistances won't affect the chances, only if you reduce Defensive ability of enemies the chances for critical hits will grow.
 When you do land critical hits though, the critical damage will go up the more you increase your pierce/physical damage output by spending attribute points or using items/skills that buff these types of damage. Since reduction to respective resistances of enemies means that enemies receive more of those types of damage, it actually increases your damage against them so in this way, you also deal more damage when you apply critical hits. It should be clarified though that the increment to critical damage when reducing resistances of enemies is totally irrelevant to the formula and mechanics of how critical hits works, let's call it a "happy side effect"!


 No.2 Question: Why do some bows have Offensive Ability when O.A. works only with melee weapons?

Answer: Because of how the itemization system works. In the game we find white items that are called "common". The system of affixes may randomly apply one prefix or one suffix or both on the same white item and this is how items become yellow or green. Yellow items are "magic" and green are "rare".
 Affixes have 2 categories, "magic" tier and "rare" tier. When a "magic" tier affix rolls on an item then the item from white becomes yellow. When it rolls a "rare" tier, it becomes green. There is a specific list of affixes that each kind of items gets affected by. Some affixes provide more than one stats, for example the prefix "Veteran's", when it rolls on weapons it gives to those +% Physical Damage, +% Attack Speed and +% Offensive Ability.
This prefix can appear on melee weapons, thrown weapons and bows too and when it does the bows get the O.A. along with the other two stats this prefix provides. O.A. on ranged weapons is useless as it works only with melee attacks but in this example, the Attack Speed and Physical Damage stats from "Veteran's" prefix are very good.


 No.3 Question: Does +% physical damage of Batter skill affect weapons and pierce ratio?

 Answer: Yes, it does.
 Testing Method: Equip a shield and a white sword. The shield should have a much higher amount of base damage from the sword. Have the skill Batter at low levels and attack the dummy with this skill many times. Check out the lowest white numbers of damage because those come from the sword, the much higher numbers come from the shield. Now, level up, even max out the Batter skill and attack the dummy. Check the lowest white numbers and now you can see that those numbers that come from the sword, have been increased.


 No.4 Question: Does Phantom Strike get affected by Movement Speed and Attack Speed?

Answer: Yes, the more Movement Speed you have the faster your hero will reach the target and the more Attack Speed you have the faster it will hit the enemy.


 No.5 Question: Can Concussive Blow's "% to stun" affect the stun of Shield charge?

 Answer: Yes, it can affect it.
Testing method: Take C. Blow to maximum level 10/6 and hit an enemy with Shield charge at Normal speed game mode. You will see that when the C.Blows stunning effect don't work, you stun the enemies for up to almost 2 seconds instead of the 1 second of stun that Shield charge has.


 No.6 Question: Does Kthonion Spike's chance to +% Physical Damage work with spells?

 Answer: Yes, it does.
Testing Method: Spend some points on Distortion Wave spell of Dream Mastery, equip gear that reduces heavily recharge of skills and use the spell on the dummies of Sparta. Stay in front and in the middle of the dummies so that your D.Wave will hit both and hit it while having the weapon equipped. Very few of the many hits to dummies will give higher numbers of damage.


 No.7 Question: Does the base damage of shields get converted to elemental?

 Answer: Yes, it does, testing method: equip a shield without equipping a weapon, put 1 skill point on Rune Weapon and 6 skill points on Transmutation, go to Sparta's dummies and attack with the basic attack, not with Rune Weapon attack, the shield now deals less physical damage which we can see by the numbers and we see the elemental damage happening from the visual effects.



  1. Hello. I have a little misunderstanding. I saw on few rings a flat armor number (ex. 50 armor). This number increase the combine armor status but in fact I didnt observe a certain adding to any piece in particular. Question : what is the role of flat armor from rings or amulets? Thx.

  2. Hello, when you equip items that aren't armor items and they provide flat armor bonus, you can see the bonus of those items (rings, amulets e.t.c.) in the Combined Armor window, on the Jewelry stat.
    Flat armor increases the base armor of each armor item of the 4 armor slots (helm, chest, bracers, boots). If your ring provides 50 flat armor then all 4 armor items equipped will get +50 armor.