Wednesday 28 December 2022

Titan Quest Atlantis - Tartarus Endgame Dungeon Guide!

 This guide also exists in video form, if you'd like to watch it, please CLICK ME!

The guide inlcudes the changes that came after the release of Eternal Embers dlc and the updates after that and it is true up to the v2.10.21415 version of the game.

To access Tartarus dungeon you need to buy Atlantis dlc as it is a feature of that dlc. To go to the dungeon you need to speak to an npc in Gadir which is the first city of Atlantis act. In case you have also installed Ragnarok dlc, you can get to the dungeon by going out of the first city of Ragnarok act, Corinth, and talking to that same npc, he will open a portal and you can get to the dungeon.  

This dungeon works as an endgame activity. In case you have finished the game in all 3 difficulty levels and you want to do something different with the same character, then you can get to the dungeon and try to do 2 things: First, to farm for what i would call "special" items and Second, to try with your build to go as far in the dungeon as possible which is going to be very challenging.

- You can access the dungeon in all 3 difficulty levels. If you are done with Normal difficulty and don't want to play in Epic, then you can play this dungeon. The same applies to the other 2 difficulty levels.
- The levels of enemies in the dungeon scale to that of your characters, for example, in Normal difficulty if your character is level 48 then the first enemies you'll fight against, will be level 48.
- In the dungeon you will find 2 npcs in the "waiting room" as you could call it, one is the Mystic which allows you to respec your skills and the other is a trader for buying and selling stuff. Keep in mind that this trader does NOT sell items with the suffix "of the Tinkerer".
- The dungeon consists of small pre-made floors that spawn randomly at every round.
- There are 5 rounds per Cycle. In each one of the first 4 rounds, you fight against randomly spawned enemies and the 5th round is always the boss fight round.
- You can see how many "Cycles" you have played by looking at the "Tartarus defeated 0 times".
- There is a timer which is always the same even for the boss fight, the timer is 7 minutes and if it goes down to zero and you haven't defeated all enemies on the map yet, you lose and the dungeon resets back to Tartarus Defeats zero times! The same happens if you die too.
- There are a couple of modifiers that spawn enemies from the corpses of enemies you have already killed, you don't need to defeat those spawned enemies for the arena to be cleared, you only need to kill the main enemies of that floor.
- The boss always get some minions that spawn randomly when you start a new gaming session and they remain the same for as long that session is live, this means that at every boss fight you will see the same minions until you exit the game to main menu and re-enter, then a new selection of minions will happen for that fight.
- For the boss fight, all you need to do for the timer to stop running, is to defeat the boss itself, if you do this the fight will be considered success even if there are some minions still alive.
- Every time you defeat the boss, an orb drops that contains potential rewards. If you open up the orb, there is a chance that you will get items to drop, but opening the orb means that you will reset the number of "Cycles" of boss defeats to zero, so it means that you are starting from the beginning again.
You can select not to open the orb and continue to the next "Cycle". In this case the chances for getting items to drop from the orb, increase but so does the challenge of the dungeon.
- Every time you defeat the boss and continue without opening the orb, the levels of all enemies and of the boss, go up by 2 levels, so if it was level 50 the first time you fought them, now in the 2nd "Cycle" it becomes 52 level. This is how the dungeon becomes more challenging the deeper you go. Also, more Hero enemies spawn at later "Cycles" increasing the challenge.
- There is no hard limit about how many times you can defeat the boss but the dungeon becomes very challenging quite fast so we could say that there is a virtual limit which is the limitations of your character itself.
- The Unique Gear Drop chance shows the chances that you have for at least one item to drop. The number is a bit higher (not much) if you start the dungeon with a higher level character.
- Here is how this number works. If you have 50% Unique Gear Drop Chance and you open the orb, there will be 50% chance to get one Epic, Legendary or Monster Infrequent item to drop. If the number is 100%, then you will get an item to drop no matter what.
If you get up to 250% chance, then you will get 2 standard drops, each one will be for each 100% and there will be 50% chance to get a 3rd item. For every 100% chance, you get one item always. This works the same in multiplayer too but in multiplayer you can get more items to drop because the chance works for each player that was standing alive in the boss room after the battle is over. So, in a party of 4 players with chance of 250%, you get 2 standard drops per player = 8 and 50% chance for each one of the 4 players which potentially could drop up to 12 items overall!
- In multiplayer the number of Cycles required to reach the same chances of gear drop chance is higher than in single player. In single player you can reach (for example) 200% gear drop chance sooner than in multiplayer, this was made to give more incentives to solo players to try the dungeon.
- If you are playing multiplayer and you crash to desktop, then you can get back into the dungeon by joining the party, getting in the "waiting room" of the dungeon and clicking the hotkey that is assigned to "Reset Player button", this will teleport you to the same floor as the rest of players. If the host of the multiplayer crashes, then the whole party crashes.
- The Orb of the boss can drop unique items (epic/legendary) of all dlcs except of Eternal Embers and Monster Infrequent items of Acts 1,2,3,4 and Atlantis. The "special" thing about this orb is that, the Monster Infrequent items of the first 4 acts of the game can drop with the suffix "of the Tinkerer". This can not happen outside of this dungeon and this is why it is a great idea to farm this boss in hope to get some great items with this suffix. Of course, Atlantis' Monster Infrequents that drop from the orb, can also have this suffix but this is not special since these items can have it even outside of the dungeon.
- Talking about special items, here is an example: Imagine getting a Stonebinder Cuffs with the suffix "of the Tinkerer". This would be crazy powerful and outstanding. Btw, the Monster Infrequent items that drop here have 50% chance to have 2 affixes, meaning one prefix and one suffix!!!
- Monster Infrequent items of Act 1 that drop from the orb in Normal difficulty are already the Epic version but an exception to this is that specifically for Stonebinder Cuffs you get +1 to all skills instead of +2 but the other stats of the item are still of Epic version.
- Another reason to play the dungeon is the chests that spawn randomly on the floors. These can drop random items (including gold and potions) such as Formulae for artifacts, scrolls, dyes but they can also drop the very rare Potion of experience and the 7 new potions that come in the game with Eternal Embers dlc! The great thing is that you don't need to buy Eternal Embers dlc to get the potions from this dungeon, you can still get them for free. The Potions of Experience can drop in the act of Atlantis too and also from the Gadir gambler npc but you have a bit more chances to get them to drop from the chests of this dungeon!
- The Orb can also drop the new Legendary Jewels of Atlantis that came in the game with a late patch, much after Atlantis dlc was released.

To make things more interesting and challenging, the dungeon features randomly selected modifiers per round. These work at all 5 rounds of a Cycle, including the boss fight. One modifier applies to the player and one to all enemies on the floor. Here are all modifiers and what they do:

1. Hero unable to Block or Dodge: It reduces chances to block by -75% and to dodge attacks by -40% and to avoid projectiles by -40%.
2. Bonus to Pets: Pets are slowed down (not blocked):Total Speed is reduced by -45% and their Burn damage over time is reduced by -40%.
3. Hero Potion Cooldown increased: By 5/10 seconds
4. Hero Attack Speed decreased: -35%
5. Hero Energy Blocked: It blocks 55% of the Energy.
6. Hero Magical Resistances Decreased: Resistance to Fire/Cold/Lightining/Vitality is drained by -50%.
7. Hero Non-Magical Resistances Decreased: Resistance to Physical/Pierce/Bleeding/Poison drained by -40%.
8. Hero Spell Cast Speed decreased: By -50%.
9. Hero Defensive Ability decreased: By -30%.
10. Hero Move Speed decreased: By -3,5%.
11. Hero Offensive Ability decreased: By -30%.
12. Hero Leech Resistances Decreased: By -75%.
13. Hero Status Resistances decreased: Trap/Petrify/Stun/Sleep/Disruption/Freeze are drained by -75%.
14. No player modifier: With this modifier no debuff applies to the player.

1. Enemy size increased: The size of enemies becomes much bigger but they get -20% to their Total Speed and +33% Damage Absorption!
2. Enemy Awareness Increased: Enemies see you from a longer distance and they come to get you all together!
3. Enemy size decreased: Enemies become tiny in size, they also get +20% Movement speed and +15% Total speed.
4. Enemies Inflict Fumble: 50% Impaired Aim for 3 seconds (works on projectiles only)
5. Enemies have Sharp Ice Weapons: Enemies deal also 50 Cold damage + 60 Bleeding damage over 3 seconds.
6. Enemies Have Venomous Weapons: Enemies deal also 60 Poison damage over 3 seconds, 25 Vitality damage and 5% Health Reduction.
7. Enemies Drain Energy: Enemies deal 60 Energy leech over 3 seconds.
8. Enemies Drain Life: Enemies deal 60 Life leech over 3 seconds.
9. Enemies Drain Health & Energy: Enemies deal both Life and Energy leech, both 60 over 3 seconds.
10. Enemy Attack speed increased: All enemies gain +33% attack speed.
11. Enemy Dexterity increased: All enemies gain more dexterity attribute (+50 Dex. +20% Dex. modifier).
12. Enemy Intelligence increased: All enemies gain more Intelligence attribute (+100 Int. +40% Int. modifier)
13. Enemy Base Stats Increased: All enemies gain more Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence (+50 each attribute and +20% modifier to each attribute)
14. Enemy Strength Increased: All enemies gain more Strength (+100 Str. + 40% Str. modifier)
15. Enemy Total Damage Increased: All enemies gain +25% Total damage.
16. Enemy Magical Resistance Increased: Enemies gain 75% Resistance to Fire/Cold/Lightning and Vitality.
17. Enemy Non-Magical Resistance Increased: Enemies gain 75% Resistance to Physical/Pierce/Bleeding and Poison.
18. Enemies Retaliate with Burning Blood: Enemies get 75 Retaliation over 3 seconds of these types of damage, Fire/Lightning and Bleeding.
19. Enemies Retaliate with Chilling Poison: Enemies get 75 Retaliation over 3 seconds of these types of damage, Cold/Poison and Vitality.
20. Enemies Reflect Damage: Enemies reflect 20% damage back to players.
21. Enemy Cast Speed increased: Enemies get 150% Spell casting speed and +30% Projectile speed.
22. Enemy Defensive Ability Increased: Enemies get a boost of 30% to Defensive ability.
23. Enemy Move Speed Increased: Enemies get a boost of 30% to Movement speed.
24. Enemy Offensive Ability Increased: Enemies get a boost of 30% to Offensive ability.
25. Enemy Energy Regeneration Increased: Enemies get +75 Energy regeneration.
26. Enemy Health Regeneration increased: Enemies get +75 to Health regeneration.
27. Enemies Spawn Trap on Death: After death enemies will spawn a fire imp.
28. Enemies Spawn Ghosts on Death: After death enemies will spawn a ghost.
29. Enemies Spawn Insects on Death: After death enemies will spawn a swarm of hornets.
30. Enemy Projectiles Explode: +50% to Projectile Speed and they explode dealing Area of Effect damage at 2 meters radius.

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