Wednesday 28 June 2023

DIABLO IV - TOP 5 Reasons to play this game!

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1. MMMORPG Features
You are an mmorpg player but sometimes you enjoy bashing the skulls of your enemies in true arpg fashion. Maybe you have played Marvel Heroes online or even Dragensang online and you enjoyed the mmo worlds of those games. But now you don't have any more money to pay for monthly subscriptions to keep playing paid mmos, you are broke and you want to kill some enemies to forget your problems instead of trying to do something to solve them so, Look no further, Diablo 4 is the game for you, no monthly subscriptions, true arpg action, huge open world with some features based on mmo types, a good hybrid to satisfy your self destructive needs.

In this game you can customize your characters and get some unique looks, you can change many things, from the face of your character to the tatoos on its body. Many color options, many facial hair options, many tatoos. This feature is great and you can get some great results.

The amount of content for a complete and single playthrough is really huge. You get many regions to go through as you are playing the main story line and you also get a huge number of side quests and objectives to complete. On top of that you get the endgame options which are not many, but at least they are good enough to keep you playing for a long time, and they will only become better in the future with updates to the game. This game is perfect for you if you are one of those players who like playing a game only once but they want to complete 100% of the objectives ingame, huge game totally worth its full price.

The atmosphere of the game is very well done. This game is all about demons, hell and satan so the atmosphere of the world should be faithful to those ideas. This time around, with D4, the developes did a great job and they offer a great looking and feeling world devastated by the forces of hell, to the players. I mean, if we bring the memories of Diablo 3 back, a game which was very cartoony and totally killed the Diablo atmosphere, then we can get a taste of how good D4 is. For example, imagine watching an erotic movie called Deep Boat, 100% hardcore adult movie. Then a sequel comes out Deep Boat 2, a successful sequel. Then you get a 3rd Deep Boat movie but this time around you see the actors interacting sexually while having all of their clothes on including their winter jackets, gloves and boots and you can not see any skin at all. So, how in the name of Andariel is Deep Boat 3 a true Deep Boat adult movie? It totally destroys the franchise.
Thankfully, this is not the case with D4, this game is well made and it rocks really hard, but, you shouldn't expect the succubus enemies to be very truthfull to Diablo franchise, if you want that, you can see their boobs in Diablo 1.

There are many arpgs out there that feature great combat systems. But the truth is that almost no other arpg comes even close to the combat system of D4, it is simply amazing. The combat is a bit slower than D3 but very similar to that game and it is also very smooth, the animations of characters and enemies are perfect and the sound quality of the hit effects is a perfect match to what is happening in front of your eyes. In a word, the combat feeling of D4 is pure freaking awesome perfection. The game is totally worth playing for its action alone, it is that good.
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