Tuesday 25 July 2023

DIABLO 4 - Season 1 Information


Season Launch Date July 20, 2023

This season presents a new type of enemies called Malignant Monsters. You will find these enemies through out the world of the game and by killing them you will get items to drop called Malignant Hearts.
The first Season brings 32 Malignant hearts across four categories, and you can use these as socketable items to insert them to jewelry items with sockets. These Hearts provide stats and Aspect like powers that can enhance your builds and open up more build possibilities in the game. 

This Season also comes with a new questline for players to enjoy and a new boss battle. Last but not least, there are 6 new Unique items coming in the Season and 7 new Legendary Aspects!  

For more details on the Season of the Malignant, please CLICK ME!


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