Wednesday 28 June 2023

DIABLO IV - TOP 10 TIPS for Beginners

 NOTE: This guide also exists in video form, if you'd like to watch it, please CLICK ME!

 1. Where is the horse?
You will get your horse in the beginning of Act 4 of the main story and it will be provided to you by the main npcs of the story so you don't need to worry about missing it out somehow, if you want to get the horse very soon, just focus on the main campaing quests!

2. Points needed to unlock categories of skills.
When you haven't spent a single point on the skill tree, you can see a number on each cluster of skills, this red number represents how many points you need to spend on skills of a previous category to reach and unlock that cluster of skills. So, to reach and unlock the final cluster of skills you will need to spend 33 skill points. 

The great thing is that you don't need to spend a specific amount of points to each one of the clusters to unlock the next ones, you could in theory spend 5 points to each one of the Basic skills and then spend the rest of your points to the upgrades of the Basic skills alone and you would still unlock the final cluster of skills, so experimentation is possible with this system.

3. Different Categories of skills per class.
All classes have these same categories of skills Basic, Core and Ultimate. But each class has 2 or 3 skill clusters that belong to unique categories for each class. So, the other categories for each class are:
Barbarian: Defensive skills, Brawling skills, Weapon mastery skills.
Druid: Defensive skills, Companion skills, Wrath skills.
Necromancer: Macabre skills, Curse skills, Corpse skills.
Sorcerer: Defensive skills, Conjuration skills, Mastery skills.
Rogue: Instead of Defensive category, it's got Agility, Subterfuge skills, Imbuement skills.

4. Categories of skills on items.
In the game you will find many items that provide stats for specific categories of skills, for example a stat that would increase the damage of Basic skills by an X amount. This means that this item would increase by the same amount all skills of that category so you should keep an eye out for this type of stats while making your builds. Of course sometimes it will be better to use other items that would buff  specific skills of each category because in most  cases you wouldn't be using all skills of the same category. 

5. While in the world of the game, you can click S hotkey to open up the skills window. From this window you can drag n drop skills on the slots. You will unlock the skill slots quite early in the game and then you'll be able to assign skills wherever you like. If you have assigned a skill on a slot and you want to totally remove skills from that slot, then you can do this by clicking S hotkey to open the window of skills, then hold down left mouse button (or simply click) on that skill and drag it out of the slots bar and click the mouse button to let the skill go. You can also replace the skills on the slot by having the skill window open, clicking on one skill and then putting that skill on another slot.

The 1st dungeon will be available after you've finished the main story of the game in Veteran World Tier 2 difficulty,  and the 2nd dungeonr will be available after you've unlocked World Tier 3. If you complete these dungeons succesfully then you can unlock the next tier of difficulty and get closer to the high level endgame features! To change the world tier of the game, you need to go to the city Kyovashad and click there.

7. Whispering keys for silent chests.
Silent chests are ones that appear rarely and randomly in the world of the game. The only way to unlock them and get the loot is to have a Whispering key. You can only buy this key from the npc who sells items for Obols. The key will cost Obols instead of gold but it won't be expensive. It's a good idea to buy maybe a dozen of these keys and hold them in your inventory. An easy way of gettting Obols is to play the different events that spawn in the world of the game and inside of dungeons.

It is a good idea to play as many side quests and events as possible. The game starts at Fractured Peaks which is one huge region to explore, each region of the game provides many side things to do. By doing these side quests, you earn renown points which results in getting rewards for those points. The rewards can be from experience points to skill points and a lot more inbetween. To check your progress of renown first you open your world map, then you hover your mouse over the region you have played at, and then you click the hot key W, this will open up the renown window and you will see all information needed. Keep in mind that some of the rewards will be given to the specific character you unlocked them with and other will be given to all your characters because they are account wide rewards!

There is this type of consumable which we can use to make our life easier in this brutal game. We can pick up materials from the world of the game such as herbs, go to an npc and craft different types of elixirs. These usually provide one or two buffs to specific stats for example poison resistance or fire resistance or more armor e.t.c. and even more experience points and they last for 30 minutes.

The great thing is that they do not wear off if we die on a fight, they will keep counting until their time is off but the bad thing is that we can have only one elixir activated, if you activate a 2nd elixir then the previous one will stop working and will be replaced by the 2nd one. Remember to use the right elixirs in the right situations as they can be very useful especially against bosses.

10. There was the Malnok Stronghold. And there was the entrance to a dungeon. This entrance was locked and i couldn't get inside because i had to beat this stronghold battle first. After i was done, the Stronghold was restored back, npcs came to the area and the path to the dungeon was finally open. So, sometimes, you will need to do stronghold fights just to gain access to some content. The good thing is that you don't need a party to beat the Strongholds, you can do them in Solo as well.
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