Sunday 19 March 2023


 So, i decided to start a holy grail journey to collect all unique and monster infrequent items (M.I.) in all 3 difficulty levels. Thus i decided to also create some new Routes to do that more efficiently and i'm sharing those routes with everybody now! More routes will come, just remember to Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you find these guides any useful to support the creation of more content. 

Also, this guide has a gameplay video which you can watch if you CLICK ME!

The items you may get from this route are M.I.s of the types of enemies: Saturs, Boarmen, Centaurs, Troglodytes, Formicids, Melinoe, Gigantes, also some boss fights are included in this route like Hades, Hydra, Nessus...



  1. ARACHNOS Enemies

    - Have the Village of Tegea rebirth fountain activated.

    - Run to the cave west of the fountain in the Tegean Forest and kill the quest/purple named Spider enemies for Deathweaver's M.I. Items.

  2. SATYR Enemies

    - Click Reset Player button to teleport to the rebirth fountain of Village of Tegea.

    - Run to the south of the fountain, there is a small camp of Satyrs in the Spartan Woods.

    - Clear out that camp and run a bit further to the south, there is one more camp of Satyrs to clear out.

    - After, you've cleared out the camps, use the portal to teleport to the waypoint of Parnassus.

    - Clear out the whole Parnassus Hinterlands camp and then the Lower-war camp.

    - Use the portal to teleport to Athens Waypoint.

    - Run backwards to the Athenian Battleground and kill all Satyrs, there will also be Centaurs there to beat.

  3. CENTAUR Enemies.

    - Clear out all Centaurs in the Athenian Battleground and keep running back towards the Monster Encampent.

    - Kill all Centaurs and Satyrs there.

  4. HYDRA Boss, Legendary only.

    - Reach the Swamp and kill Hydra if you can handle it.

  5. CENTAUR Boss, All difficulties.

    - Teleport to Sparta, and run to the Centaur boss Nessos, beat it, kill all centaurs and open all chests.

    - To the left side of Sparta will be some more Satyrs and Centaurs for you to kill.

  6. FORMICID Enemies

    - Teleport to Hades act, Styx waypoint. Run to the River Styx area and defeat Formicid enmies.

    - After Formicids, there will be some Troglodyte enemies to kill, beat them.

  7. CHARON Boss, All difficulties.

    - After those Troglodytes you will find the bridge with Charon Boss, beat the boss.

    - After Charon is dead, move on the the next area called New Road and kill some more Troglodytes.

    - When you reach Stygian Marsh, move on a bit and go the the left in the cave called Daemon Storeroom, along the way you can kill Troglodytes and more Formicids in that cave.

    - Clear out the cave, get out, run to the east and kill a few more Troglodytes.

    - When you reach the Soul Cages open the portal and teleport to Palace of Hades waypoint.

  8. MULTIPLE Enemies to Farm in the Palace

    - Explore the whole Palace to beat, Machae enemies, Melinoe, Gigantes and some spiders for their Albino Spider Web charms.

  9. HADES Boss, All difficulties.

    - Beath the boss for loot (or bring him cookies if you'd prefer)!


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