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Titan Quest Anniversary - STORM Mastery Guide for Beginners

 This guide also has a video version, if you'd like to watch it please CLICK ME!

This is a very nice spell attack which deals some damage and also drains the energy of enemies who have energy bars. The flat number of damage is Physical type and it is a small number but it still helps against enemies. The Energy Drain stat is different from the Energy Leech over time stat in that it reduces a portion of enemies' energy instantly instead of over 3 seconds. Also, the Energy Drain stat will not give energy back to player's character as Energy Leech would do.

Draining the energy of your enemies is great because if they don't have enough energy to cast their powerful spells on you, then you will have better survivability and easier time in the game. Of course, if your enemies belong to the Magical race, they will receive more damage from this spell thanks to the +50% Damage to Magical. To see most of the monster Races of the game, click on the 3rd tab of the character's sheet.

If you take this spell up to level 10/6 which is the maximum possible, it will deal 100 Damage and 100% Energy Drain, so if your enemies don't have any Energy leech resistances, then on one hit you will remove their whole energy bars, quite powerful. As you level up a new character, it's a great idea to spend at least 1 point to this spell and use it in Normal difficulty, especially with its addon skill.

2. Spell Shock
This addon makes the base skill even more powerful. Now, it adds flat Electrical Burn damage over time which is of Elemental type Lightning, so your enemies now have an added type of damage hitting them along with the other things of the skill, +% Energy Drain Damage Ratio which means that from the amount of Energy that you drain from your enemies, this amount of Damage Ratio will deal damage to the health of enemies so it is one more type of health damage and the 3 seconds of Skill Disruption. 

The Skill Disruption is an effect which prevents enemies from using their spells/skills on you for some time so the only thing that they can use is their basic attack with a weapon! This is a very powerful mechanic, very helpful to your survival. Again, as you level up, it's a great idea to spend at least 1 point on this addon, or even better get it up to level 3 for normal difficulty, it will be very helpful!

3. Lightning Bolt
One more spell that deals damage to enemies. It only deals Lightning damage and stuns them. The Meter Radius of the skill increases as you increase the level of it and it means that if for example many enemies are within the radius of the bolt, then more enemies will get hit by it.

4. Chain Lightning
This addon will add more lightning bolts to the attack but these bolts will hit additional enemies nearby and will also stun them for a little bit. It's a great idea to max out this skill and the addon if you want to play a spellcaster with Lightning Bolts as it can become a powerful spell in the end.

5. Ice Shard
A spell that can end up becoming super powerful but you would need the right build to achieve that state of power. This one releases one projectile only which deals cold damage and slows enemies down. The slow down effect doesn't stack with similar effects that you get from items, it's on its own. Since this spell can become very deadly, it is going to cost a lot of energy, so if you decide to make a spell caster with Ice Shard, then you should remember to look out for items that provide more Energy Regeneration, Energy Cost reduction, Energy points. Spending many points to Intelligence Attribute also helps greatly, so you should avoid making Hybrid builds if you'd like to use this spell.

6. Velocity
This addon adds a chance for this spell's projectiles to pass through the initial target and hit enemies behind him, it also provides more speed to those which means they can travel and reach their target more quickly and increases the cold damage of the spell. This buff to cold damage is not a global one, it works only on this spell but of course you can get more buffs of the same type from other items and skills that would be combined with this buff to work on this spell alone as a combination.

7. Torrent
This addon increases the number of projectiles and it can take it up to 5 projectiles at maximum level 12/8 which means that your Ice Shard spell will now release 6 projectiles altogether! This turns the skill to a very powerful AoE spell that also applies Frostburn damage, which is the cold type of damage over time. Of course we can see, that the energy cost of this spell with both addons maxed out would go to exterme heights so as we said before, keep an eye out for the right items, especially those that reduce the energy cost for skills.

8. Thunderball
Yet another spell that deals Lightning damage. The nice thing about this one is that it also stuns enemies and it reduces the Defensive ability of enemies. In a few words, Defensive ability works only on melee attacks and in comparison to the Offensive ability, so if enemies have even less Defensive ability, now your melee attacks have better chances to hit them and deal critical damage. 

With this spell you could for example use some pets that use melee attacks and when you reduced the Defensive ability of enemies then your pets would be dealing even more damage, or your allies in a party would be able to deal more damage so it is a very nice effect to have. Leveling up this skill increases all stats except the 25% Reduced Defensive ability, the duration of this effect is increased though per level up!

9. Concussive Blast
This addon will turn the spell to an AoE one and will make it looke better and of course perform even better. It releases fragments that spread out in the radius that the addon provides and hit multiple enemies dealing damage and stunning them. It's a very useful effect so it's a nice idea to get it at high levels to make it more efficient. The number of fragments go up to 6-8 at maximum level 12/8.

10. Summon Wisp
This is a pet! The peculiar thing about this one is that it has almost perfect chances to avoid projectiles and dodge attacks so it can almost never get killed by enemies. But, there is another type of attack, which is wave attacks that some enemies use and those attacks will instantly kill this pet! Thankfully there are not that many enemies that use wave attacks so most of the time, this pet stays alive.

 It also has a basic attack of its own which deals lightning damage. At level 5, this pet will unlock one more attack which is called Thunderclap and it also deals lightning damage and stuns enemies. At level 17/16 the chances to dodge attacks and avoid projectiles, go up to 100%. Since this is a pet, all pet rules apply to it.

11. Eye of the Storm
This is a very important addon. It provides buffs to your character and other pets or allies that you have in the radius of effect of this skill. Especially the buff to elemental damage can be very good since there are 3 types of elemental damage and this buff increases all 3 types by its full amount since this is a percentage to elemental damage, not a flat number of elemental. If you play with elemental type builds, it's a great idea to max it out at some point in the game, the sooner the better.

12. Arc Discharge
This addon will add much more damage to the Thunderclap skill of the pet but to be used, don't forget to get your pet up to level 5 at least. If you want your Wisp to deal as much damage as possible max out both your pet and this addon, it will deal a tremendous amount of damage to multiple enemies!

13. Squall
This spell is a must for many builds especially thanks to its addon. On its own, it has a chance to deal some damage to enemies that it hits and a chance to apply Impaired Aim on them. This means that enemies that use projectiles against you such as bow attacks for example, will shoot their projectiles to random places instead of your character and it helps with survivability. The good thing with this skill is that you can use it on enemies at a quite long distance, so this effect can be very good along with the damage of the skill. It is very important to try to max out this skill because it increases the meter radius as well the more you level it up and it becomes more efficient this way. It is one of the skills that you should try to activate and start using as soon as possible.

14. Obscure Visibility
This addon makes Squall to also reduce the damage that enemies deal to you and also their resistances. Damage reduced means that you gain much better survivability, remember this stat if you want to play deathless in this game as it is going to be super helpful! Reduced Resistances means that they will receive more damage from all primary types of damage in the game such as elemental damage, poison, physical e.t.c.
There are 2 main types of Resistance Reduction in this game, one is Absolute, the other is Multiplicative. Without going into details now, there are different ways these types can stack on the enemie, the type of this skill is Multiplicative so it can not stack with another Multiplicative skill such as Trance of Wrath of Dream for example but it can stack with Absolute ones like Study Prey and more. If you use this skill, max it out as soon as possible.

15. Storm Surge
This is a passive active skill, this means that you need to trigger it yourself whenever you want as an active skill but then it stays on "forever" and works passively. Sometimes it triggers and deals damage to enemies and stuns them, it's a great one that helps a bit with survivability since it stuns some enemies and interrupts their attacks and at the same time dealing damage to them. Although it triggers automatically, it still counts as a player's skill, so it becomes stronger if you use items/skills/attribute points that boost the types of damage of this skill.

16. Storm Nimbus
One more passive active skill. You activate it whenever you want and it works passively providing cold and lightning damage to your attacks and to your pet's attacks. The energy reserved is something like a cost of your current energy pool that you have to pay if you want to use this skill but this shouldn't be a problem at least for a build that uses a lot of Intelligence points. By the way, if you get items that provide Energy cost reduction, the energy reserved will NOT get reduced!

17. Heart of Frost
This addon will provide some global buffs to cold and frostburn damage. This means that all weapon attacks and spells/skills that deal these types of damage will benefit from it, not just this skill. The 2 retaliation types will work only on enemies that attack you with melee weapons because the Retaliation mechanic works only on melee attacks in general. So, melee attackers will get these debuffs which of course will help you survive better. It is a good idea to max this addon out if you use Cold damage with your character.

18. Static Charge
This skill works in a similar way to the previous one but now it boosts Electric type of damage and deals lightning damage as retaliation to melee attackers. If you play a build that uses this type of damage, max out this one instead. If your build uses both Cold and Lightning, then max out both addons!

19. Lightning Dash
This is an active skill which we can also assign to our Left or Right mouse buttons! It is a very fast skill which will make you run through maps quickly enough but you will need to use it on enemies otherwise it won't work! There is this small chance that this attack will deal all these effects to the enemy you aim at, if it will trigger those then all 3 effects will work on the enemy. Also, while running under the effect of the skill, you get better chances to avoid projectiles and attacks of enemies. It's a very nice skill that can work with all types of weapons and it can speed up your progress through the maps. For beginners, i wouldn't really suggest it.

20. Freezing Blast
This is a spell that freezes enemies and turns them to ice cubes, the great things is that if you kill the enemy while it is an ice cube, then you will see the ice cube becoming many little pieces of ice, so you won't see the corpse of the enemy again! The skill provides to the enemy Damage Absorption which means that now all incoming damage to them, is reduced by 66% of this skill so all your types will deal much less damage to the ice cube.
But the skill also reduces the Physical Resistance of the enemy by a huge amount so the enemy could receive good damage of this type if your build supported it. In general, this skill is a crowd control one and can help in big fights when many enemies are coming to attack you at once. It's a good idea to use it as you level up as a crowd controlling effect but if you don't deal a huge amount of physical damage, then you shouldn't really max it out before maxing out important skills to your build.

21. Energy Shield
This is a bubble skill which covers your character and provides some protection only from Cold and Lightning types of damage. Leveling up the skill increases the amount of protection and it lasts 100 seconds. After this duration the skill will deactivate and you will need to activate it again. It is a very nice skill if you lack resistances to these 2 types of damage but if you are covered already, then maybe you shouldn't really use it unless you'd like to benefit from the addon of the skill. As you level up, it's a good idea to use it though because you ain't gonna have great resistances so it will help you survive better.

22. Reflection
The only thing this addon provides is a chance for enemies to receive some of their own damage back when they attack you. Even if the enemy miss you with both melee or ranged attacks, this skill still can trigger on them because this is how the damage reflection mechanic works. This addon would certainly help dealing damage faster to enemies but it's not important, especially as a new player you should focus on investing to much more important skills for your character and if you've got points to spare at a high enough level, then maybe activate this one.

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