Tuesday 16 February 2021

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - New Balancing patch patch is live!

 The developers of this game just released a new patch with which they try to bring a better balance to the game, primarily to the skills of the game. The skills that received some "treatment" are Aether Jump, Anvil's Woe, Arctic Spear, Eclipse, Gunslinger's Brand, Havoc Orb, Summons (Feeding Swarm, Hunting Swarm, Livor Mortis) and Talon Shot!

 This update also brings a couple of game improvements and multiple bug fixes. According to the developers, they try to release balancing patches every few weeks so that they can bring the best balance possible to the game! This is a great goal to achieve and i hope they can succeed. If you want to read the official changelog of the update please CLICK ME!

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