Saturday 20 February 2021

Diablo 4 - New class Rogue has been revealed in Blizzcon 2021!!!

 One of the new things Diablo, that have been revealed in Blizzcon online 2021 is one more class for Diablo 4! The class is Rogue which comes from Diablo 1 with new skills and abilities! Blizzard also shared more news about Diablo 4 including some PVP news, actually PVP will happen in specific areas of the open world of the game and they will not be mandatory to visit, players will be able to visit these areas if and whenever they want. 

There will be some new currency item which will be obtainable only in those PVP areas and players will be able to use this currency to buy ingame items, mostly cosmetic items but also weapons although the developers said that those weapons will not be so powerful to make players that don't play PVP feel that they are missing out in power. Stay tuned for more news Diablo 4! 

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