Friday 18 October 2019

Shadow Champions - A new mod for Titan Quest is on its way!

There is a new mod called Shadow Champions coming out in the near future. The mod is currently in beta and it brings 10 new masteries to the game along with many other changes including many new Epic and Legendary items, New Monster Infrequent items, more Secret Bosses, new Hero enemies and more. If you would like to try the closed beta you can contact the creator of the mod in Steam HERE, you can also follow the forums of the mod HERE.


  1. This looks very cool ! :)

    You might want to change the link to the forum to this one:

    That one links to the first page of the mod post. The one you posted links to page 10.

  2. I did that in purpose, i though it would be better to have the link take you to the latest post of the forum because this shows that the mod is still active ;) Thanks for the consideration though!