Friday 18 October 2019

Last Epoch - Tooltips Overhaul for patch 0.7.4

One of the most importand features for every action rpg is the info the game provides directly and the usage of tooltips is the best way to do so. The developers for the next patch 0.7.4 of Last Epoch which is currently in Beta, are overhauling the tooltips of the game for better presentation of information ingame. To read official details about overhauling tooltips please click HERE.


  1. I tried this game when it first came out, but couldn't really get into it. Mainly the graphics weren't that good in my opinion and was a bit buggy.

    Has the game improved since then?

  2. I agree, when it was in Alpha state, it had bad graphics and animations, but now in Beta people say it has been improved with better graphics. I hope this is true.