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Year of Release: 1997
Developer: Blizzard North
Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment

For details about the release of  the game you can visit wikipedia by clicking HERE!
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- This is a pure dungeon crawler game, you start in a town and you explore dungeons beneath the town.

- The game is a real time action role playing game (arpg).

- You control only one character at all times, there are no followers/pets/mercenaries to go along with you.

- You can buy and sell items in 2 shops, a blacksmith shop and a witch shop. Also, there is an npc which works like a gambler and requires of you to pay a small amount of gold before he can show you which single item he sells at the moment but his items can usually be very good.

- The game features 16 quests altogether and most of these are optional, you can skip them if you'd like to do so. Hellfire expansion brought some more quests that work in a similar fashion to vanilla Diablo.

- Every time you start a new playthrough, the dungeons are created randomly (except for 4 floors that are static) and the optional quests may appear or not, you will never be able to play all quests in one playthrough. Hellfire expansion brought 2 new dungeons of 4 floors each.

- In Diablo vanilla exist 3 classes to choose from, Warrior, Sorceror, Rogue. Hellfire expansion brought a 4th class which is Monk and 2 locked unfinished classes which players can unlock and play, the Bard which uses the graphics of Rogue and the Barbarian which uses the graphics of the Warrior. 

- Your character levels up to Level 50 and gains attribute points which you can spend on 4 different attributes. There are no skill points but there are many spell books which you need to find or buy and learn, this is how you gain access to spells.

- There are 3 different tiers of items in the game. Normal items have white color, Magical items have blue color and Unique items have golden color. You can buy Normal and Magical items but Uniques drop only from enemies or given as quest rewards.

- In single player, you can use the ground of the town as a stash to store many items, you throw items down and save the game. When you exit and load the game again, the items will be there, this feature doesn't work in multiplayer though.


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