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DIABLO 2R - Build Journal: Spear Barbarian build!

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Hello to everyone and welcome to this first build journal for Diablo 2 Resurrected. This is a build guide video which is made mostly for beginners but i call it a journal because it will be more detailed than other build guides i have made in the past for arpgs. So, let's get started with the build.

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Act 1

The idea of this build is to play only with a spear through out the whole game and try to do our best. Also, i decided to give much attention to stunning effects so the plan is to use some skills that do exactly that, they stun enemies. 

To achieve this goal, at least in the first act, i used the setup of attribute points, skills and items that you can see here. This setup was good enough for me to defeat the final boss of Act 1 easily enough (the boss fight you see in the video is the 2nd fight against her, i decided to fight her a 2nd time and record the battle for this video).

So, let's talk about attribute points first. I decided to spend an equal amount of attributes to Strength and Dexterity. Strength is useful for increasing physical damage and also for equipping higher level items and Dexterity is useful for increasing attack rating and defence and also for equipping higher level items, in this case Spears.
So, i spent only 20 points to Strength and 20 to Dexterity. As we can see, i have 30 points left to spend wherever i want in the future.


About skills now: I started investing to Bash skill and later to Stun, the idea here is to attack enemies with Stun skill all the time (if possible) and spending points on Bash, the damage of Stun skill goes up thanks to the synergies system of the game. 

When i reached the right level i started investing on Spear Mastery skill because this is mandatory for such a build. My endgame goal is to max out this one. In the tab of Warcries, i have spent only a single point to both Howl and Taunt skills. The idea here is to reach the skill War Cry and use it as a main skill for the build along with Stun skill. This will take more levels of course to happen but we will get there.


When it comes to items now: i was lucky enough to have found a couple unique items and some good rare ones. In general this build requires more mana points, mana steal, attack rating and of course if we can get increased attack speed and many resistances, it will be awesome. 

Here we can see all items i have equipped at this point of the game. I would say that the biggest highlight of this item setup is the unique ring which provides 21% magic find. This ring increases the chances for great gear to drop and having it equipped while farming the final boss of this Act, means that we have good chances to get good items before we go to Act 2. 



After i reached this act i decided to check the shops of both act 1 and 2 and see if i could get any normal items with enough sockets to make runewords with. I found a spear with 3 sockets on the shop of act 1 and later on i found another spear with 3 sockets in Act 2. Before we go to the items though, let's see what i did with my attribute points. I decided to spend 20 points in Vitality, 10 points in Energy because i wanted to boost a bit my mana and the rest went to Strength. 

Also, i decided to replace my mercenary, so i hired one from act 2, this one has the very helpful skill Blessed Aim which increases my attack rating so now i don't need to spend many points on Dexterity to increase my AR.

I did some changes to skills too. I spent one point at Shout skill which is very good because it increases the Defense of the whole party and  i spent one point on Battle Cry because this is a very good debuff to our enemies and it helped very much to defeat Duriel boss at first attempt.

The only change i did in the Combat Masteries tab was to spend a point to Iron Skin just to get a boost to my defense, this skill affects only the hero, not the mercenary. In Combat Skills tab i just increased the level of Bash to 10 since this one increases the damage we deal with the Stun skill.

Now to the items. I found a trident and i created the runeword Malice on it and this is the weapon i used through out Act 2. I also created the same runeword to the spear i bought from act 1 and i gave it to my mercenary, the great thing about this is that the stats of the spear work with mercenaries too except for the Drain Life effect! This one doesn't affect the mercenary which is great because it is a negative effect for the user of the spear. I also found a nice unique gloves and a couple of great magic jewels.


This act was quite easy to go through when it comes to killing enemies and surviving. All attribute points were spent on Strength alone as this is what i will be doing forever on this build from here on.
We didn't have many new things going on to skills, i didn't touch my Warcries and Combat Skills tabs in act 3, all i did was to spend one skill point to Increased Stamina because in this act losing stamina becomes annoying and i also invested two more points to Spear Mastery for more damage output and attack rating.











The final boss of this act was easy enough for this build (as we can see in the video) despite not having very good resistances and i beat the boss by having equipped this set up of items. The only items that are different from Act 2 are the chest armor, the belt and one of the rings. In the 2 sockets of this chest armor i decided to put two times the rune that provides mana regeneration to help with my mana needs and it really made a difference to how many potions i was drinking with that equipped.














 MY mercenary is still using the same spear as in Act 2 which is the runeword Malice. Also, we can see that my inventory is filled with charms, here whatever charm you find at this point of the game, will provide some generic stats of different types so it is good to use them all if possible.



This is a small act but tough at the end where we get to fight against the big boss Diablo. Along the way i found some very nice items and even though i used the same items as in Act 3, for the fight against Diablo i had to make some changes because i needed some necessary stats that i didn't have on my normal gear. 

 The items i found and equipped are a nice amulet that provides some resistances and life, a chest armor with 3 sockets where i put some socketables that would help against Diablo and a ring which i had in my stash and provides lots of Fire and Lightning Resistances. Also i found a nice rare spear which i gave to my mercenary.









 In the sockets of the chest armor i put a jewel that provides more damage, a rune that provides Fire resistance and a rune providing Lightning resistance, both at 30%. With the combination of this armor and the ring that provides similar amounts of both Fire and Lightning resistances, i maxed out these two and fought the boss successfully. Of course the battle was still challenging since i didn't even use my mercenary but i did it in my first attempt with this setup of items. By the way, i have kept the 3 items that i replaced for the battle against Diablo and i will probably equip those back for the next act.

Now, when it comes to attributes i spent everything to Strength during this Act and for skills the only changes we have are 1 skill point spent at Increased Speed skill, two points spent on Spear Mastery and one point spent on Bash of Combat Skills tab.


This act was overall easy, i met a couple of challenges when some enemies were freezing me and slowing me down but for the most part it was easy enough. I reached and finished the whole act and Normal difficulty at level 36 and of course i kept spending all my attribute points to Strength.

























 When it comes to skills i spent a couple of points to Battle Cry and War Cry and in the future i plan on increasing both as much as possible. Now, this build uses this combination of skills on enemies, first i use Battle Cry to reduce their defenses and damage and then i use War Cry to stun them and kill them easier. At the same time i have my Act 2 Mercenary hitting enemies while they are stunned and things become much more satisfying and easy.

I have also increased the Spear Mastery skill and activated the Natural Resistance from Combat Masteries. I am lucky because my gear provides plus to levels of skills so by spending only one point to this one it takes it up to 3 Level and now i get 28% Resist All which helped greatly against the final enemies of the game.







Here is the setup of items i used to defeat the big boss Baal. The highlights of this setup would be the SET item Berserker's Hauberk which i found in Act 5 and it provides plus 1 to all Barbarian skill levels.









 The build has finished Normal difficulty and it was quite easy the way it played the game. The challenges were very few and the fight against the Ancients was a joke. So, this build as is, stands pretty well in Normal and it is not hard to follow if you would happen to be a beginner to this game or a casual player that wouldn't like big challenges while playing a game.

And here we end the journal of the Spear Man Barbarian build. If you like this kind of content, make sure to leave a comment and ask for more and also if you watch the video click the Like button to support this content and Subsrcibe. Also follow the website where you can find the text version of this guide in case you prefer reading it in case you want to revisit the guide. Thank you. Have a great gaming experience with Diablo 2.

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